Mental Health Awareness
Let's break the stigma!! There is nothing wrong with seeking treatment and therapy for your Mental Health. Check out our local Black Therapists on our Community Resource page!!
Click Here to Learn More About Mental Health Conditions and Resources
Emmanuel Oyalabu (MS-1) Air Force Health Professions Scholar
Let's celebrate & Congratulate one of BPOU's very own. Emmanuel has just received a 3 year Scholarship for Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine!! He will proudly serve his country as he takes care of future Airmen, Airwomen & their families.
Click to Learn More About 2nd Lt. Emmanuel Oyalabu
Juneteenth Utah
The Black Physicians of Utah celebrate and remember Juneteenth with a special event. Come attend on June 18th!

Our Mission

Building Community

We aim to build a community among current Black physicians, residents, and students working or living in Utah.

Mentoring Future Physicians

We connect medical students seeking to receive guidance in their medical career with Black physicians.

Healthy Equity

Our mission is to work toward healthy equity for Black and underserved Utahns.

Our Goals


Whatever it takes, let us help you. Whether you are a student, fellow or resident, if you aspire to be a physician let us be here for you.


Let us take you one step further. We are happy to host activities that aim to provide professional development as you seek to advance your career.


Whatever it is, we hope to influence policy and decision making on issues that directly impact the health of Black and underserved Utahns. Let us help you.


Whatever it takes, we aim to retain and promote Black physicians in Utah.

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