Affiliated BPOU Members and Student Preceptors

Dr. Marina Capella, MD

Dr. Capella is a board-certified pediatrician with experience in general pediatrics and pediatric urgent care. She enjoys creating learning opportunities for Pre-med and Medical Students interested in Pediatrics. She is the owner of Healing Arts Pediatrics in Millcreek, Utah. She enjoys working with underserved communities, blending traditional and holistic practices, and has a passion for mentoring underrepresented minority students (check out her podcast at
Please contact Dr. Capella at: for shadowing opportunities

Abdelaziz Farhat, MD

Aziz Farhat is a pediatric critical care physician in the Pediatric ICU at Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem, Utah. In addition to taking care of critically ill children, Dr. Farhat provides pediatric sedation, works on improving health care delivery for pediatric patients in the hospital, and helps patients with complex medical needs achieve their long-term care goals. Dr. Farhat also has a passion for teaching, and works closely with nurses, students, and first responder crews to improve their pediatric expertise.”
Please contact Dr. Farhat at:

Michelle Debbink, MD, PhD

Dr. Debbink is Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist that serves as the Vice Chair for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for the ObGyn Department at the University of Utah. Dr. Debbink believes in the mission of justice, equity, and radical
belonging for Black, Indigenous, and other people of color.
Her department of ObGyn wishes to welcome BPOU Pre-med and medical students for shadowing opportunities that have an interest in the field Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Please contact Dr. Debbink @: or Fran Lopez @: if desiring an opportunity to experience ObGyn as a speciality.  Complete the shadowing form through the button below to begin the process!!

Gita Suneja, MD, MS

Dr. Suneja is an Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Utah School of Medicine. She is also an investigator at the Hunstman Cancer Institute. Her clinical specialties include the treatment of breast cancer and gynecologic malignancies. She has several ongoing national and international collaborations and is the current co-Chair of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines Panel on Cancer in People with HIV.
She is strong a believer in Health Equity and supporting BPOU mentees with research and shadowing opportunities.
Please contact Dr. Suneja @:

Saphu Pradhan, MD

Saphu Pradhan MD is a board certified family medicine physician caring for patients of all age groups at the Intermountain Healthcare Cottonwood Family Medicine Clinic. She attended the University of Utah School of Medicine and completed her residency at the University of New Mexico. She is excited to share her passion for holistic patient care and with students. 
She is strong a believer in Health Equity and a supporter of BPOU. Please contact her below for mentorship or clinical shadowing opportunities. Please contact Dr. Pradhan @:

Nicholas G. Hanson, MD

Dr. Nicholas Hanson is a Board Certified Family Physician that works with the Alpine Medical Group Specializing in: Health Maintenance, Hypertension, Diabetes, Sports Medicine, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.
He is a graduate of the University of Utah School of Medicine and completed his residency at Christus Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency in San Antonio, Texas.
He is one of BPOU’s first Preceptors and Affiliated Members. He enjoys providing shadowing opportunities to undergraduate students and medical students. 
Please contact Dr. Hanson @: if looking for a shadowing opportunity in Family Medicine!

John C. Edwards, MD

Dr. Edwards is an Orthopedic Surgeon that specialized in total joint replacement of the knee and shoulder. He also specializes in sports related injuries and fracture care.
He is a supporter of BPOU’s Health Equity initiative and is open to taking on students for shadowing purposes.
Please contact Dr. Edwards if looking for a shadowing or mentorship opportunity.  Reference Dr. Ferguson when making contact.

Stacey Bank, MD

Dr. Bank is a Family Medicine Physician and specializes in an Intensive Outpatient Program that provides comprehensive care to those dealing with substance use disorders. She is a graduate from the School of Medicine at Georgetown University.  Dr. Bank completed her residency at the University of Utah.
Please contact Dr. Bank if looking for a shadowing or mentorship opportunity.  Reference Dr. Ferguson when making contact.

Dr. Reena Tam, MD

Dr. Reena Tam is an Assistant Professor in the University of Utah Pediatric Department and clinically works as a pediatric hospitalist at Primary Children’s Hospital. She is an Associate Program Director of the University of Utah pediatric residency program. Her primary roles are in Global and Rural Health and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion education and engagement.
Please contact Dr. Tam if looking to discuss pediatrics as a career option.  If looking to request a shadowing experience with a pediatric provider, please include the following folks and in their email to me.