BPOU in the Press

BPOU’s Dr. Ferguson Discusses RSV, Flu, and COVID w/ Dave and Danjanovic

Dr. Ferguson discusses the Hows and Whys to protecting yourself this winter from RSV, Flu, and Covid w/ Dave and Danjanovic on KSL.

BPOU’s Dr. Chesire Discusses Stroke with Dave and Danjanovic

Listen to BPOU’s very own Dr. Samuel Chesire discuss stroke and its impact on politics. Listen to the full thing here.

The Black Physicians of Utah Team Up with Intermountain Healthcare to Help Provide Mentorship for Students of Color

After recently hosting Medicine Immersion Day at Intermountain’s Alta View Hospital, the Black Physicians of Utah teamed up with Intermountain Healthcare once again. This time, Dr. Richard Ferguson and Black Physicians of Utah mentee, Keegan Musaalo from BYU, team up with Scott Roberson from Intermountain to help provide mentorship for students of color. Watch the video to learn more.

Dr. Feguson Joins Dave and Dujanovic to Discuss Shingles and How it’s Affecting Those 50 and Over

Dr. Richard Feguson joins Dave and Dujanovic to discuss shingles and how it’s affecting those 50 and over. It might not be affecting you, but it could very easily be affecting your parents or people you know. Watch the video to learn more.

Dr. Baiden Discusses Breast Cancer Resources on ABC4

Our very own Dr. Baiden joins ABC4 to discusses breast cancer awareness, and resources available to those wanting to learn more about some options available to those interested. Make sure to watch Dr. Baiden’s full feature on ABC4 for more information.

Dr. Richard Ferguson Joins Fox 13 to Discuss the Importance of not Dismissing a Child’s Complaints of Pain and Discomfort

Dr. Richard Ferguson joins Fox 13 to address the importance of not dismissing a child’s complaint of pain or discomfort when it comes to sports. Doing so can lead to long-term disabilities. Find out more at the link below.

Dr. Richard Ferguson Discusses the Disproportionate Impact of Marijuana Usage Penalities on People of Color

Dr. Richard Ferguson Joins Fox 13 to Discuss how the Penalties for Marijuana Usage Have had a Disproportionate Impact on People of Color.

Dr. Richard Ferguson Discusses Medicine Immersion Day on PBS Utah

Dr. Richard Ferguson joins Mary Dickson on PBS Utah to talk about the Black Physicians of Utah and its upcoming event, Medicine Immersion Day, on September  24th from 8 am-4 pm.  If you’re interested in attending sign up on Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/381846823127

Dr. Alice Akunyili Discusses Family Planning in a Post Roe V Wade World

Dr. Alice Akunyili discusses Family Planning in a post Roe V Wade world and how to prevent pregnancy when you’re not ready to start a family. Watch the full video here on ABC4.

Dr. Adebayo Adesomo’s Addresses Reversal of Roe v. Wade

Dr. Adebayo Adesomo addresses the impact that the recent Roe v. Wade ruling will impact the lives of BIPOC and low-income women.

Dr. Ferguson Discusses the Gun Violence Crisis in the US on ABC4

Dr. Ferguson Discusses the Public Health Crisis on Gun Violence in the US. Learn more by pressing the video.

Is there racial bias in health care outcomes? Utah Juneteenth panel raises issues

Learn more about racial biases in healthcare outcomes as four health professionals here in Utah discuss this issue.

PBS Utah Insight: Utah’s Healthcare Crisis

In Utah there are more than 1,000 job openings for nurses, without enough qualified applicants to fill those positions. Veteran healthcare workers describe this as a problem only made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the state begins to work toward a new normal, we examine what can be done to take the pressure off existing providers while setting Utah up for a healthy future.

BPOU Breast Cancer Awareness IN-Focus Discussion

According to the Utah Department of Health, breast cancer is the most commonly-occurring cancer in the U.S. and the leading cause of female cancer-related deaths in Utah. Black Physicians of Utah report that Black women have the highest breast cancer mortality of any U.S. racial or ethnic group.

BPOU Addressing Facts and Myths for COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in the Black Community.

Dr. Richard Ferguson and Dr. Samuel Cheshier discussed what the Black/African American experience has been like during the COVID-19 pandemic, how someone’s occupation or profession may have determined the kind of experience they had during the COVID-19 pandemic, the data on vaccinations when it’s broken down by race and ethnicity, what are some of the reasons for vaccine hesitancy, how historical exploitation play a role in how vaccines are viewed, proposed solutions to increase vaccination rates, and how they’ll implement these strategies in the community.

Bridging the Gap: Black Physicians of Utah

Richard Ferguson forms Utah’s first organization for Black physicians, with the aim to build a community among current Black physicians, residents, and students.